Reprobates Hour Archive

The Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour was my first podcast, and I still get emails asking for new episodes–in fact, I have five unreleased episode at various stages of completion sitting on my hard drive. Unfortunately it’s one that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list since life has… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 27 (Finale)

Download Subscribe Here we are, everyone. The final episode. The guy that got me into this whole thing, Scott Sigler brings us the final Story So Far. Be sure to stay tuned for the end matter — there is new music and a surprise at the end! Thank you all… Continue reading

What Book Publishers Could Learn from Drug Dealers

by J. Daniel Sawyer Thanks to Amy Gahran for sparking the idea Literacy is like heroin – it’s habit-forming. The more people try out the habit, the more likely they are to retain it. Exposure to books breeds consumption of books, which is good, because the act of reading requires… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 18

Download Subscribe While Jim and Ali chase down their job on Mars, their employer, Mr. Douglas Reeves, lays his plans for the future of the Lunar resistance. Philippa Ballantine, author of Weather Child, brings us the Story So Far. This week’s in-show promo is for her new book. If you’re… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 17

Download Subscribe Percy Scott has some loose ends to tie up, which Joss Kyle has some plans to lay. Neither of them is aware of Bill Shelley’s plans, or how they’re about to make a splash in a big way. Then again, neither does his one-time friend and mentor, Douglas… Continue reading

Welcome, Sigler Junkies!

You’ve successfully found the blog for my home page. Below you can find my rants on various esoterica, above you can find links to my podcasts, publications, and more info about me. But, if you if you click here, you’ll find the blog for my podcast novel Predestination and Other… Continue reading