Test…test…is this on? Good.

Most of you stumbling upon this blog probably have only found it through the rabbit trail of links from LinuxJournal or Blenderwars or ArtisticWhispers Productions.

I’m a writer, and I promise: that’s not as redundant as it sounds. I’ve been writing since I first learned to read, and was telling stories as long before that as I could speak. In recent years, I’ve been moving out of the world of day-to-day employment and into storytelling in a serious fashion: first with radio dramas and films and the formation of ArtisticWhispers Productions (now my day job), and then by ramping up a writing career.

Now, after a couple years of tech publishing and many more years of privately honing my fiction craft, I’m taking the big leap. Following in the blood-soaked foosteps of Scott Sigler and the stem cell soup of J.C. Hutchins, I’ve decided to bootstrap my writing career by podcasting some of my work.

So now you, dear reader, will have yet another shot at free fiction. In the coming weeks, I’ll begin with short stories from my “Sculpting God” collection, and then, later this year, the first novel, “Predestination,” will make its debut.

It’s gonna be fun!