The October 2007 issue of LinuxJournal hits the stands today, and the apparent obscenity seems again without end. This time, they’ve brought me on to propagate the new media gospel of guerrilla video editing with open source software.

It’s a disgraceful, disreputable thing to do. It undermines good old American values of oligarchic software pricing.

Which, of course, make it worth doing in the first place.

But Open Source multi-track video editors are finally becoming viable contenders, which makes my day-job as a video producer much more fun and interesting, so, naturally, as a writer I find it useful to whore myself out for money and name recognition to essentially do the “Ooh, come look at my shiny new toy. Sure, it’s not perfect, but look how shiny!!!” routine.

So go forth! LinuxJournal is usually carried by Barnes and Noble and other distressingly reputable establishments and newsttands. The cover looks something like this:

Oct. 07 LinuxJournal cover

This time, you can judge a magazine by its cover – it’s dark and dangerous and has an ominous-looking linuxphone on the cover, so you know you’re descending into darkness.