Welcome, my erstwhile disciples, and gather around for the newest exercise in computing obscenity. You see, LinuxJournal has just released another article of mine, and this time I actually lie. Yes, lie through the whole thing. It’s not so much that the information is not accurate – it is. Exceedingly and disgustingly accurate. Nor is it that the article contains no facts – it does. It’s more that the article itself is about lying. Or, rather, Compositing, which amounts to the same thing. Taking things that aren’t real and making them look as if they are. It’s a disgusting habit, but there you go. Blender makes it happen, and LinuxJournal has the prurient open-source-adgena-advancing slant to give voice to my psychotic ramblings on the subject.

In other words…I think you’ll find it useful 😉

The issue’s cover looks like this:

LinuxJournal Nov. 2007