So, after finishing Predestination, and getting the last of the edits in this week from my readers, I’m well on the way to recording and mixing it for the podcast. It’s going to be a near thing making a June release date, but so far it looks good.

Along those lines, I’m looking for readers to read different parts. I’ve got all of the leads cast but one, so I’m mostly down to minor characters with between one and eight scenes. We’re doing this production full-cast audio book style, so the guest voices only read the direct thoughts and spoken words of their characters, while I’ll be doing the narration.

Once I get the rest of the recording done, I can move on to the next two novels – currently, I’m looking at starting the second draft of Antithesis book 2: Free Will and Other Compulsions, and novelizing Down From Ten, but I may step back from the novelization of Down From Ten to write a little urban fantasy book that’s been percolating in the back of my mind. I won’t say more yet, other than it may turn out to be a good YA novel – and if it does, that’ll open up a whole new can of worms for me in terms of markets to learn!

Finally, as per the title of this post, the new Sculpting God story is finished. For the next episode I’ll be deviating somewhat from the normal formula of standalone stories to bring you a future noir set in the jungle featuring characters from Predestination, in a story called “The Man In The Rain.” I’ll be recording it tomorrow and posting over the week as time permits, and you should get it sometime towards the weekend. After this, and perhaps one or two further stories, Sculpting God will go on a brief hiatus while I get far enough ahead on Predestination that I can spool the episodes out on a dependable weekly basis. Once that’s done, Sculpting God will come back with another eight to ten stories, most of which will be two parters or better.

That’s it for today – more stuff coming soon. Also, thanks to the lovely Gail Carriger for the link to the site. She’s an up-and-coming author in the paranormal and steampunk romance categories – keep your eye on her!