Well, ladies and germs, I’m off to BayCon tomorrow, where I’ll be flittering hither and thither spreading my own brand of humor and amusement If any of you will be there, I’ll be having lunch in the bar area at noon on Sunday – feel free to join me. Look for my Fedora and my “My Name Is Joss Kyle” t-shirt.

In other news, I’ve engaged the services of Gabrielle Harbowy for editing Down From Ten, in order to whip it into shape for the podcast.

I’ll be blogging the con as I go, though depending on wi-fi access I might not be able to post the blogs till next week. Hope you all have an excellent Memorial Day, regardless of whether your weekend brings you Balticon, BayCon, or barbecues.

New Reprobates — and remastered Predestination episodes – will post next week.

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  1. Dude, this is Carl, DrumRonin from the itunes review. Sure I went off on a little tangent, waxing your car about all your projects instead of staying in the predestination lane. And SURE I got all “It puts the lotion in the basket” about the Richard Carrier interview and oiled up your nuts and let you teabag me on your Apalogia beatdowns but, DAMN!….DAAAAAAAAMMMNNN!!!!I forgot my some of my favorite shit,,Mr. Chris F’n Lester in the Dealing in eps…you are RE-GODDAMN-DICULOUS brother…oh, and this must be read by him and no I’m not gettin all “I’m your biggest fan” with a 2×4 and sledgehammer Chris, just sending much respect to all your collective asses..Just startin Metamore dude, and Dan, can’t wait for the rest.Dan, do you guys have a short” must read” list for a burning the candle at both ends and the middle 40 year old hard working dude that has a 50 mile commute in my car to stand all day at a fucking machine then drive 50 miles back home to race and pick up my shot out of a fucking cannon freethinking little vampires(cuz they are sucking the life out of me…..but i love em:) race them to fucking martial arts then race home and feed those picky little fuckers then do 2hours of homework with there non-focusing little asses then ME go to band rehersal or a gig 50 miles back to the city get home at 3:30a.m too wired to go to sleep so get to bed at 5am to do it all again at 6am.. other then a bullet in the head…as you can see.. The podcast keeps me fucking somewhat sane otherwise you would be reading about me with my middle name added all of a sudden..When did the three name thing start?..Anyway, I read tothe detrement to my health and Family can’t get enough all things history, science, and the history of scienceand religion, but want to start dippin in Philosophy,any help in the right direction will be appreciated…I know I’m rambling like the fucking Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle(read that as well, all5000 fucking pages if you add Cryptonomicon and Anathema)..thanks again and start drinking..Carl

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