Coming Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Three Podcast Authors, Three Podcast Novels, Three Contests!

What to look for: Blog posts containing printable PDF bookmarks at Digital Magic, Metamor City, and Literary Abominations.

What you can win: A free book, maybe two or three! (Prize details for each contest will be available at each author’s website).

Your Mission:

  • Download and print the bookmarks
  • Cut along the dotted lines
  • Take to your local libraries and bookstores
  • Leave a set near the checkout (1 pt for a stack) or put a stack inside of similar books (2 pts ea – Philippa, Chris, and Dan will each provide a list of authors to target)
  • Take photos of each instance of bookmark distribution
  • Send photo(s) to the author
  • Each point will count as one entry of your name in the hat – so repeat as often as you wish to enter before December 20th.

Winners will be drawn December 21st.

Anyone who enters all three contests will have their names automatically entered into a second drawing – this time for a basket of tasty treats from San Francisco and New Zealand!