I’m going to be at Balticon next week. Those of you attending will probably see enough of me to make you sick, but such is the cross you must bear for attending science fiction conventions.

For the truly masochistic among you, you can find me in the following places:

10pm Friday — Chesapeake

“The Good Parts” Live
Live version of Erotica Writer’s podcast
with Nobilis and the rest of The Good Parts crew

9am Sat — Derby
Master’s Session: Audio Excellence in Podcasting
Presented by professional audio engineers
with some other very talented fellows

1pm:00 Sat — Derby
Is There Room In the Fridge, Hon?
The use of women as characters instead of plot
Should be a spirited debate as we talk the techniques of treating our characters as something other than plot objects.

5:00pm Sat — Chesapeake
Live Metamor City show
This cast could get messy.

7:00pm Sat — Maryland Foyer
Anthony Stevens and J. Daniel Sawyer Autographing
In case you want to have your Podthology autographed
* Stevens, Anthony
* Sawyer, J. Daniel

9:00pm Sunday — Pimlico
J. Daniel Sawyer Reading
In which I subject you to some never-before-heard selections.

Hope to see you there!