Sculpting God, the story collection that started it all, is now available for all e-readers. With the original seven stories, plus new behind-the-scenes essays for each story and an introduction about the genesis of the series, this is first of three volumes coming over the course of the next year. Grab it while it’s hot!

A new voice in fantasy, J. Daniel Sawyer has already left an indellible mark on his readers with his trademark tales of human desires and the moral complexity they create.

This unique volume opens with the mythopoeic story of Lilith–an alternate take on creation from the point of view of a woman scorned–and continues across the scope of history from Victorian Scotland to the depths of the Amazon jungle to the far future in stories of creativity, responsibility, determination, and loss in the face of human power and frailty.

From the personal to the cosmic, the Award-nominated author of The Antithesis Progression and Down From Ten brings you a suite of twisty tales in the American Gothic tradition of Flannery O’Connor, Ray Bradbury, and Ambrose Bierce.

Bedtime stories aren’t just for children anymore.

Contains: Lilith, Angels Unawares, The Coffee Service, We Create Worlds, Control Room, The Man In The Rain, and Train Time, plus a new essay, poetry, and bonus material.