Taxes! Taxes! Beautiful, lovely taxes!

I spent first and third shift today working on Blood and Weeds — Lantham book 7 — getting the rest of the proofs applied, working on the ebook. Should be ready to start spooling out to markets tomorrow.

Second shift, I spent watching a seminar on tax law and compliance, which is a lot more interesting than it sounds. This week’s been heavy on the education, cause it’s the time of year where we line stuff up for next quarter, and we’ve gotta make sure our ducks are all in a row and that there aren’t any new laws that might bite us on the ass.

Such is business, right?

Meantime, I’ve got deadlines breathing down my neck for client work, so I’ve gotta spend a couple hardcore days in the booth. Had more admin this week than I’d budgeted time for, and it’s gonna start eating into the audiobook production income stream if I’m not careful.

While I was out working the pup today, I realized that there’s a chunk of the Joss and Ali storyline that I hadn’t thought to lay in–it had been percolating in the back of my head, but I didn’t lay it in.

So, I hit fourth shift with writing at about 3AM again, with some serious spunk behind me. I took a cycle through the Joss and Ali story so far and laid in this other thread, and now the whole first act is really starting to come together. Had to squeeze a bit, cause I couldn’t quite take the one eye off the calendar.

Starting count: 21,835
End count: 23,860

23,860 / 120000 words