Some days, things go sideways. Today was one of those days.
The day started off well enough, with a booth shift that got derailed by a coughing fit–throat congestion from leaving the heater on all night. I ought to know better, but I forget from time to time.

So, I swapped around my shifts, got some Gatorade and started hydrating like crazy while I did my admin shift first and intended to get back to the booth for second shift.

The admin shift today involved getting final proofs applied to the new Lantham novel The Bodies in the Basement (this will be number eight in the series–release announcement soon) and then putting the ebook together.

I wrapped up second shift and headed downstairs to hit the booth again at about the same time as Kitty got home–when I discovered that she wasn’t feeling well.

Well, there are a few things worth ditching work for, and taking care of a sick partner is one of them, so I spent the evening doing what I could to make her time more bearable. With any luck, she’ll be in grand shape tomorrow, because there are big plans for the weekend!

Fourth shift, I settled into writing at about 2AM and pretty much had to hold on for dear life. The plot is seriously ticking over now, and, one by one, the hanging threads from the end of Book 2 are coming back into the tapestry.

Here’s the damage:
Starting Word Count: 25,099
Ending Word Count: 27,263

27,263 / 120000 words