Tales of Horror and Delight

Between the timeless night that bounds our opening and closing curtains there stretches an all-too-brief parade of adventures, loves, ambitions, mistakes, triumphs, capers, madnesses, and failures.

The Earth, too, basks in sunlight burning briefly in an endless darkness, and on her face are played out the grand and petty dramas that make up the life of our species; a life filled to bursting with lost days, and last nights…

In the grand tradition of Ray Bradbury, Flannery O’Conner, and Harlan Ellison, J. Daniel Sawyer presents eight wondrous tales of terror, and delight.

Includes the following stories:

  • The Shoes I Wore This Morning
  • The Staff of Asclepius
  • The Open Source Woman
  • The Faithful May Also Be Burned
  • Proactive Continuity
  • The Garden Pool
  • The Society of Miserable Bastards
  • Buried Alive in the Blues

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