A Writer’s Guide to Firearms (and the People Who Use Them)

If you write fiction, you have to know about them–but what if you don’t have any formal training, or a job that brings you into regular contact with firearms?

Sure, you could watch a lot of CSI, but as you’ll quickly discover upon cracking open this volume, you can’t trust everything you see on TV.

Entertaining and humorous in style, Throwing Lead shows you the gestalt of guns, showing you the history of small arms in one readable, accessible, graphics-rich and easy-to-reference volume. Packed full of revealing research shortcuts to help you find accurate information on your book’s period and culture, and cut through the jargon to get you the information you need with a minimum of fuss, it’ll leave you chuckling and get your creative juices flowing with tips on under-exploited plot devices and hidden opportunities for comedy and drama that firearms present, but that authors often miss.

This unique tour of the history, technology, and cultural development of firearms, examines how they’ve shaped our language and idiom, influenced manufacturing technology, and created warrior cultures in different professions. More than just a “how to write about it” manual or a technical glossary, this rigorously non-political guide reveals the common myths about firearms foisted upon us by filmmakers while using those mistakes as springboards for deeper discussion.

Topics covered include:
Stupid author tricks
Stupid criminal tricks
Stupid movie tricks
Safety practices
Long guns
Concealed carry
Ballistics and Forensics
The visceral experience of shooting a gun
Home defense
Police tactics and psychology
Criminal cultures
Urban warfare, Snipers, gunfighters and PTSD
Ammunition construction and the handloading culture
Space combat and Science Fiction weaponry
Historical weaponry
Weapons maintenance
Gunshot wounds and medical science
Selecting the gun that best fits your character
And much, much more…

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