Devotion burns brightest when it is questioned.

The Faithful May Also Be Burned cover

Perda and Sasha shared a vision as grand as life itself—a vision lacking only in a grand, validating experiment. Their pilgrimage to Mother’s world gave them that experiment. The chance to build a new life on Mother’s words of compassion and vision, of power and promise. A truly peaceful world of sharing and nurture, without competition and depredation and warfare.

And what more could you ask at seventeen than to step through the magical fire with your sweetheart and be transported into a new world free of violence and cruelty?
Devotion binds them together. Faith protects their sacred space. Fire seals their bonds and defends their world. But when one mother’s love brings sin into their midst, it is not only the heretics who suffer; in the face of corruption, the faithful may also be burned.

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