Adapted from The Kabrakan Ascendancy
Chased by bounty hunters, wanted by the mob, disgraced defector Joss Kyle holds the secrets to power in the solar system–and he’s about to disappear into the Lunar underground as the world’s superpowers are gearing up for the first interplanetary war.

About the Book

This intense, character driven series weaves a tapestry of love, betrayal, loyalty, idealism, and darkness. Antithesis combines the best of family saga, political thriller, and hard science fiction to weave an epic tale of humanity’s first, most dangerous steps out into the universe.

Antithesis boasts an original score, professional soundscaping, a cast of over eighty voices, and gobs of bonus content Produced by ArtisticWhispers Productions

This show is currently in the Free Will phase, adapted from The Hartman Gambit, book three of the The Kabrakan Ascendancy novel series. For the previous phase of the series, see the episode archive.

"...lovingly detailed, well-written thinking man's science fiction at its best...with more twists than Chubby Checker..."
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