You’ve successfully found the blog for my home page. Below you can find my rants on various esoterica, above you can find links to my podcasts, publications, and more info about me. But, if you if you click here, you’ll find the blog for my podcast novel Predestination and Other Games of Chance. It’s a science fiction espionage thriller, which means that you can expect intrigue, suspense, conspiracy, violence, sex, blackmail, organized crime, politicians, defectors, and tradecraft all wrapped in a character-driven story.

This is a full-cast, full-production podcast novel. Danny Schade wrote the original score, and you’ll find many other familiar voices here: Philippa Ballantine, J.C. Hutchins, Chris Lester, Steven H. Wilson, and many other gifted voices from across the podosphere have helped bring this story to life.

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-Dan Sawyer