Brian Clay has posted a very kind review of Predestination and of Down From Ten, as well as of Philippa Ballantine’s Weather Child and Scott Sigler’s new hardcover release The Rookie (which is, by the by, probably his best work and it’s a gorgeous hardcover).

Anyway, Brian has this to say about the words of your humble narrator:

“The current novel Down from Ten which has been describe as The Shinning meets Clue is a great story and the cast is doing an outstanding job. Warning: it is an in-flight podcast so when you catch up with the episodes you will be dealing with cliffhangers!

Though it is his other podcast novel I really wanted to mention, The Antithesis Progression: Predestination and Other Games of Chance, first the title is just plain awesome, I am aware that for the sake of selling the novel the title will be tweaked to be more approachable, which is only sensible; however, the Lit geek in me states firmly that the title is perfect and should be left alone. Okay, that said the title isn’t the only awesome thing here. The story is fantastic, driven by a cast of characters with powerful agendas that makes this space spy/political thriller come to life unlike any other podcast novel I have listened to. Take the time to check it out.

Something to keep in mind both novels are definitely for adults, not kid or office safe content.”

Thank you Brian, for the review. Those of you who don’t read Brian’s blog, it’s worth a gander. Check it out.