Soulless CoverThose of you who read my blog will have seen my review of Gail Carriger’s Soulless. There was something that I didn’t tell you in that review. When I read Soulless, I was so impressed with it that I offered Gail my services pro bono as a claviger…um…as a production wonk to help promote the book.

Now, a month and a bit on, after much labor and much laughter, I am pleased to present all of you with the world debut of the first chapter of Gail Carriger’s Soulless in full-cast audiobook format (complete with music, soundFX, and soundscaping). This sample offers you a taste of the romp you’ll be in for when you read the book.

You can pre-order Soulless from Amazon, and read Ms. Carriger’s ever-entertaining blog as well.

Cast (in order of appearance)
Angela Vernon as The Narrator
Chris Lester as The Unexpected Vampire
Miss Kalendar as Alexia Tarrabotti
George Chlentzos as Lord Conal Maccon
J. Daniel Sawyer as Professor Lyall

Directed by J. Daniel Sawyer
Produced by ArtisticWhispers Productions

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  1. Great job!!!only one problem, Now I want to hear the whole story in the podcast format.Ha!..The writing is great and the cast did an amazing job with the Victorian English accents, love that style of humor..O’k I know all of you have alot on your plate but come on, that had to be fun…Get to work

  2. Very nice writing and audio, though for some reason there were some significant differences in volume between the narrator and the rest of the dialogue. The sound balancing didn’t seem quite as good as the Antithesis work.

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  7. Just revisited this piece of work recently and while I know there’s an official, complete audio book of Soulless for sale, I can honestly say that I’d buy this one if it was released in full. The cast and all the extra sound is a wonderful detail and the narrator, I feel, is a bit better suited too.
    Everyone who worked on this piece did a wonderful job. Absolutely brilliant. If all audio books were like this, I’d be buying a lot more of them, and that coming from someone who really doesn’t prefer audio books to begin with.

    Jenny Sjoberg
  8. Alas, I was not able to get the rights to produce the full book, however Gail and I are cooking something up for another one of her books in the next couple months, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

    Also, under the podcast tab above, you’ll find a couple of my books produced this way. If you like Gail’s stuff, you might enjoy the full-cast production of my Down From Ten.


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