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Finally back on the air after a number of major tech problems which I’ll detail next week.

And now, Episode 9, Jeremiah has a secret, in which Sarah makes a discovery, and Amos gets an irresistable urge.
Bumper by Wander Wolf of WNDR Radio. Story So Far by Abbie Hilton of The Prophet of Panamindorah Podcast.

Episode 10 coming this weekend.


  1. The name of my next musical project is abso-fuckin-lutly going to be called, “MEATPIPE”!!!! WTF…In the immortal words of Jeff Spicoli after Hamilton throws hot coffee on the wouldbe robber, AWESOME!, TOTALLY AWESOME…Glad your back Dan,I was losing the narrative thread. Ha!

  2. Hi Dan! Just wanted to say thank you for another great episode. I don’t know where you find the energy to do everything you do – but I’m happy you get through it! Thanks again for brightening my day. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Dan,
    Just listened to this one this morning, and it’s my favorite so far. Some terrific lines (“Seven dwarf gang-bang”), and the group singing of the song from “Paint Your Wagon” had me in stitches. I just started listening to Down From 10 a couple of weeks ago, but at the rate I’m going, I’ll be caught up before you release the next episode. Thanks for a great story!

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