Down From Ten cover art

So, I’ve never been quite happy with the cover art for DF10. What I saw in my head never quite came through on the screen, and I wound up with a collection of images that, while possibly intriguing, felt…confusing. It was too dark in the wrong places, you couldn’t tell what the elements were, and all in all it just didn’t quite work.

With the paper version of DF10 coming out late in May, AWP Books decided that it needed to redo the cover art from scratch. Yesterday they sent me the prelims. A few minor tweaks may happen (mostly centered around font choice), but on the whole, I think I like it–so I wanted to share it with all of you:

Feel free to chime in!

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  1. *grin* Yeah, that’ll do nicely. 😀 I agree that the fonts need help, but I like the picture, and “A Cabin Fever Comedy” is a delightfully warped way to describe a delightfully warped book. 🙂

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