Three years of questions.

Three years of emails.

Three years of all of you asking “When is Free Will coming back?”

The answer is…

Next Thursday. The first episode in the Free Will reboot will drop next Thursday.

It’s been a long road, but we’re finally back. And it’s not just Free Will.

And it’s not just the soon-to-be-five Lantham books, the nonfiction books, and the one-off short novels either. More is coming…

The Big One
For the last eighteen months, I’ve been secretly laying plans for a project that is finally ready for prime time.

Gail Carriger, she of The Parasol Protectorate and The Finshing School, also writes science fiction. Dramatic, high-stakes science fiction adventure, in fact. It took a back seat when her debut Soulless hit it big, but now I’ve got the chance to help bring it into the light of day, and it’s a phenomenal book.

It’s called Crudrat. It is one of the best YA Science Fiction adventure books I have ever read, ranking right up there with the old Heinlein juveniles and treading more exotic and thoughtful ground than The Hunger Games

…And I’m going to produce the full-cast audiobook for it.

Here’s the deal: this is a for-profit production, not one done among friends for the love of the medium. This means that everyone has to get paid, which ain’t cheap. I’ve teamed up with Alasdair Stuart of SFX Magazine and Pseudopod fame to create a crowdfunding campaign to kickstart this thing in grand style.

  • It’s full-cast audio, and we’re looking at top-shelf talent if we fund at our goal ($7000, which covers all the above plus rewards for backers).
  • Danny Schade is back to do the original score, and he’s better than ever.
  • I’m directing and producing
  • And it is a Gail Carriger novel, like nothing you’ve seen her do before.

The website is now live, and you can hear the trailer or sign up for the mailing list and get a sneak-preview read by Veronica Giguere with some fresh music from Schadey thrown in, just because. In the coming weeks we’ll unveil our rewards schedule and start posting original content that will document the process of crowdcfunding and of producing a full-cast audiobook, which will itself become a resource for all of you interested in getting into this as a hobby or a career.

Go check it out. Come on, you know you want to 😉


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