The Clarke Lantham Mysteries

A city that never sleeps needs a detective with insomnia…

The information age didn’t make private detection obsolete, but it did make things…complicated. The ability to find almost anything on anyone means that the only detectives who stay in business are the ones who can sort the signal from the noise, and that takes a particular kind of mental illness, such as the one that plagues the brain Clarke Lantham.

An old-school pulp hero with a knack for getting mugged by realities that used to be mere science fiction, Clarke Lantham lives in a world of information overload, genetic engineering, designer drugs, ubiquitous surveillance, suburban S&M, cell phones, social networking, and ex-girlfriends.

In its fifth volume of a planned twelve, The Clarke Lantham Mysteries have already garnered rave reviews from View From Valhalla, Gail Carriger, Seth Harwood, and Philippa Ballantine. This hard-boiled, fast-paced, humor-filled (and, apparently, ever-expanding) series of suspense novels update a classic genre updated for a new millennium. Leavened with humor and spiked with irony, these tales of intrigue will leave you laughing, breathless, and dying for more.


The Novels
And Then She Was Gone
A city that never sleeps needs a detective with insomnia…

With only a missing teenager’s blog and diaries to go on, and time running out, disgraced former cop Clarke Lantham chases puzzle pieces from the posh shadow of Mount Diablo to the kink clubs of San Francisco to the genetic engineering labs of Stanford. Tailed by mercenaries, framed for murder, and forced into hiding, he somehow must keep his head in the face of a world where the normal rules of reality don’t seem to apply–all for the sake of a nineteen-year-old girl whose face he sees every time he closes his eyes.

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A Ghostly Christmas Present
The children were nestled all snug in their beds…

When it comes to raw-deal Christmas presents, you can’t beat being thrown in an out-of-state jail on a trumped up charge–but detective Clarke Lantham can’t resist a morbid challenge. So when he calls up his brother for help with bail, he steels himself for the ordeal of spending a holiday weekend with relatives who put the “strange” back in “estranged.”

That was his first mistake. But with only two days to clear his name before he gets thrown back in the slammer–and an old client gumming up the works, a ten-year-old niece with a ghost problem, and the occasional murder competing for his attention–it probably won’t be his last.

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Smoke Rings
Every detective deserves a second chance…

Holidays make Clarke Lantham squirm–not even New Year’s Eve escapes his scorn. With his space cramped, his personal life on the skids, and his business under assault from lawyers and bill collectors, he holes up in his office, counting his blessings that the year from hell ends tonight.

So when an old girlfriend shows up with a chance for a $50,000 reward and a New Year’s Eve reconciliation, he jumps at the chance. After all, things can only get better, right?

Yeah, right.

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Silent Victor
A detective with insomnia chases every cop’s worst nightmare…

When a security guard disappears with a priceless Martian meteorite belonging to the Chinese government, and surveillance tapes show a commando team of gray aliens making the snatch, a surly security chief turns to the only agency that might take him seriously: Clarke Lantham Investigations.

After turning down another alien-hunting case earlier this week, Clarke Lantham wants nothing more to do with kooks, cranks, and crooks of any kind. But with a lawsuit, an assistant, and a new ward all chewing through his finances, he needs the paycheck.

Racing spies, assassins, insurance agents, and the FBI, Lantham must find the wandering watchman–and the treasure that went with him–before the theft escalates into a diplomatic flash point between the world’s fearsome superpowers and the alien overlords they allegedly support.

But even that might not bother Lantham…if he didn’t have to sleep on the couch.

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He Ain’t Heavy
Along came a spider and killed the insider…

According to the official story, Martin Galloway shot himself in front of two cops. But his bereaved fiancee smells a rat, and when the system fails her, she turns to Clarke Lantham Investigations to prove that Martin was murdered. At stake: the reputation of one of the world’s greatest humanitarians…and his twenty billion dollar estate.

Descending into a web of venture capitalists, patent trolls, security contractors, and evangelists, Lantham and his team must find a way through a world of loyalty and deceit more insidious, and closer to home, than any case so far…

…assuming he can survive the coma, and the arms dealer, and the drug kingpin who holds his life in the balance.

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In The Cloud Coming August 2015
Blood and Weeds Coming November 2015
Extinction Tango Coming June 2016
The Sky Miners Coming September 2016
Behind the Hypnotic Toad Coming February 2017
Bodies in the Basement Coming June 2018


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