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The following titles are coming soon.

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Suave Rob’s Amazing Ass-Saving Association Hard SF Adventure
Avarice Antithesis #3
The Summer Town YA Adventure
The Reeves Directive Antithesis #3
Red Route One Hard SF Thriller
Malice Aforementioned SF Comedy
The Last Uploader Hard SF Thriller


Short Stories

Proactive Continuity SF Comedy
The Open Source Woman SF Romance
A Goblet of Fifty-Three Fantasy
Sleep, Walk Steampunk Fantasy
Columbian Dark Antithesis Adventures #2
The Faithful May Also Be Burned Dystopian SF
The Staff of Aesclepius Historical Mystery
Funeral Hats Lombard Alchemist #7
Pumpernickel Hard SF
Last Boat to Trinidad Antithesis Adventures #3
The Stories On Her Body Lombard Alchemist #6
The Shoes I Wore This Morning Apocalyptic Fantasy


The Gospel of Doubt, According to Daniel Epistemology/Ethics

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