Review Policy

My reviewing policy is as follows:

1) If I do not already own the book, film, program, device, car, or audiobook, it is provided to me for review purposes.

2) I call them as I see them. I’m trained in literary criticism, historical method, cinematography, film editing, and have a good deal of expertise in other relevant areas. I’m also a long-time power user and published reviewer of all manner of technology products, have written a good deal of documentation, and worked with my share of developers and inventors. As such, my reviews are critical in the classic sense of the term – I point out good points and bad points of as I see them, and in some cases may differentiate this analysis from whether or not I enjoyed or found the product useful.

3) As there is a difference between the quality of a work and its appeal to individual tastes, I consider it bad form for reviewers to negatively review an artwork in a genre they don’t normally fancy. As such, while I do review books, audio productions, and films in all genres, I will not negatively review a work I am prejudiced against for reasons of taste. If you furnish me with such a work, I will inform you privately.

4) Unpaid reviews are conducted on an as-I-have-time basis. Paid reviews, and reviews for publication, receive priority on my to-do list.

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