Released: We Create Worlds

Rick is a scurrilous, irascible scoundrel, with a heart of gold—not because he’s warm and fuzzy underneath, but because his heart is totally devoted to money. His favorite goldmine is his shop, where he vends virtual reality and manufactured novels. He keeps his customers happy, and he always knows the… Continue reading

Sculpting God: We Create Worlds pt 2 (recast)

Download Subscribe When last we left Rick, he was having a pleasant–if confusing–day. But will it last? Find out, in the conclusion to We Create Worlds. Continue reading

Dealing In, Ep. 9 pt. 2

Download Subscribe This one features Miss Kalendar along with Chris Lester and Kitty Nic’Iaian. This is part two of the final round of Dealing In. Part three will be coming next week. You guys rock! In this episode, we deal with some very particular and intelligent criticisms of Predestination voiced… Continue reading