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This one features Miss Kalendar along with Chris Lester and Kitty Nic’Iaian.

This is part two of the final round of Dealing In. Part three will be coming next week. You guys rock!

In this episode, we deal with some very particular and intelligent criticisms of Predestination voiced by Paul Fischer and Michael Spence.


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  1. Just a quick message. You like every other podcaster Mispronounced my name.

    It is Sprite-r (as in a Fairy But comes from Videogame Art Terminology.) not Spirit-er.

    Got a lot of time to kill at work so I am going to be re-listening after llistening to Repabates hour and Sculpting god…hope I can get through them before Down from 10. (8-9 hours per day 5 days a week might do it.)

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