Predestination: Exit Interview with Tee Morris

Download Subscribe What kind of insanity have I wrought? What does it take to do something like this? What’s next on my plate? What does Tee Morris’s pubic hair have to do with podcasting? Give it a listen and find out as Tee Morris roasts and interviews me on this… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 27 (Finale)

Download Subscribe Here we are, everyone. The final episode. The guy that got me into this whole thing, Scott Sigler brings us the final Story So Far. Be sure to stay tuned for the end matter — there is new music and a surprise at the end! Thank you all… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 26

Download Subscribe The Climactic episode of Predestination clocking in at 37mins. This is easily the most acoustically complex episode of the series, with more kick-ss original music by Danny Schade. P.G. Holyfield joins the cast, too! But that’s not what you’re interested in. You want to know what happens, and… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 25

Download Subscribe Luna is rioting – Jade and Voleish are navigating their own ways through it. Meanwhile, Nineveh sleeps uneasily – in the calm before the storm, what small movements will change the course of the storm? The second transhumanist in our cast of characters is revealed – if you… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 24

Download Subscribe Joss may be able to hold his own against Doug Reeves, but will he be able to stand up under Doug, Ali, Jim, and Cassy all cross-examining him? And what does Cassy need to finally make up her mind about where she stands? This episode features more new… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 23

Download Subscribe And the countdown continues. After this one there are only four left. This week, some BIG reveals about a couple of our characters. Joss, Cassy, Doug, Ali, and Jim pick up right where we left them at Phalanx, at the moment of Joss’s betrayal – but theirs is… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 22

Download Subscribe Here we go. This episode kicks off with Ali and Jim arriving on Nineveh, and ends on yet another cliffhanger. All the main characters are now in one place — will all hell break loose? Find out. This episode features new music by Danny Schade, as well as… Continue reading

Episode 21 fix

Download Subscribe Fix for the problems some of you had with accidentally grabbing ep 12. Marian Shelley emerges from her convalescence to discover whether or not she can actually face the world after what she’s lived through. On Luna, Brittany runs into an unusual character, while on Nineveh Joss gets… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 21

Download Subscribe Marian Shelley emerges from her convalesence to discover whether or not she can actually face the world after what she’s lived through. On Luna, Brittany runs into an unusual character, while on Nineveh Joss gets a not-quite-unexpected visitor. Larry Bushey, Host of the Going Linux Podcast, brings us… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 20

Download Subscribe Between planets, stuck on a ship with Doug Reeves, can Cassy hold it together long enough to make it to Nineveh? Christiana Ellis, author of Nina Kimberly the Merciless, brings us the Story So Far. Cast this week (in order of appearance): Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal George… Continue reading