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And the countdown continues. After this one there are only four left. This week, some BIG reveals about a couple of our characters. Joss, Cassy, Doug, Ali, and Jim pick up right where we left them at Phalanx, at the moment of Joss’s betrayal – but theirs is not the only story with fireworks. Back on Luna, Percy attends to some unfinished business. This episode features more new music by Danny Schade, another cliffhanger and an unexpected appearance by a character we haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy!

Steve Riekiberg , host of Geek Cred brings us The Story So Far.

Cast this week (in order of appearance):
George Chlentzoz as Douglas Reeves
Erin Ballibanian as Ali
Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal
Steven H. Wilson as Percy Scott
Kitty Nic’Iaian as The Spaceport Announcer

One Comment

  1. Hello Dan,
    I just want to say I am hooked. I cam across you pod cast on ITunes just by happen stance about two weeks ago. I always take a peek at things with the 3 E’s. Erotic, explicit and exotic. Plus your cover art also peeked my interest.
    Well I just finished episode 23 and I am vey upset. One that I now have to wait for you to post and that we are almost to the end of this book and I now have to wait till Sept before the next book is out. During this sad time I will be listening to your other pod cast and I have also started to download Phillipa and Chris L. I’m sure I will enjoy their pod casts as well.
    Also that now that I’m up to date I can start to comment and not be months behind. I just wished I could have been part of your two contest that you had going on.
    I have a comment on dealing in on dealing in; I think it should be called ante up. Chris L you may have the blue eyes, but I’m sorry I think Dan has the sexy voice out of you both. And if I was into women, Phillipa’s voice has you both. I know it’s got to be the accent. I give extra brownie points for accents.
    I also figured that Ali has lost a baby, I just had that feeling in my heart. I know how that feels so I can understand some of her pain. Since we still don’t know her full story and I think you said we will not find out more till the next book. I can only hope that someday she will find the joy in having a child to love someday as much as I love my son.
    I love your Dealing in shows and all the tangents that you go on. I can’t help but to lol on many of the comments that you make that you have to be a movie, book, fair or any other such geek to understand.
    Keep up the amazing work, forever hooked.


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