Predestination in Paperback

Grab a pack of cards. Strap your pressure suit on. It’s time to head to the poker game that started it all, and the book that View From Valhalla called “lovingly detailed, well-written thinking man’s science fiction at its best.*” Joss Kyle is a one-time National Security Advisor who barely… Continue reading

Destiny on Tap

As I get to the very end of writing Free Will, it’s time to wrench open the Antithesis taps again. My friend Danny Schade has now soundtracked two and a half books for me over the last couple years. For Predestination, he composed upwards of nine hours of music, and… Continue reading

Publishing Priorities: You Decide

The good folks at AWP Books and I have a decision to make: What order do we publish things in? In the process of discussions, it occurred to us that you all might have an opinion, so here’s your chance to vote: You may vote for two of the three… Continue reading

UPS Loves Me

This one’s artwork heavy, so I’m putting the “get more” link right at the top so it doesn’t take over the main blog page. Click on it, check out the coolness 🙂 Continue reading

Predestination Poster Pre-Orders

We are now taking pre-orders for the Predestination (Book 1 of The Antithesis Progression) book poster at right. All pre-orders will be signed and numbered by the author. Whenever we have 20 orders – the minimum we need to pay for a small print run – we will send the… Continue reading

Parsec Finalist!

Well, ladies and germs, it’s official: Predestination is a parsec finalist. Officially we’re up for “Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team,” and, while it’s only *one* of the nominations I was hoping for, if i had to pick only one this would probably be it. Why’s that? Well, this one has… Continue reading

…In Less than Twelve Parsecs!

Six Parsecs, to be exact. I’ve been officially nominated for the Parsec awards in six categories – three for The Antithesis Progression and three for Sculpting God. For Predestination, I’ve been nominated for: Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novel Form) Best Audio Drama (Long Form including Independents) Best New Speculative Fiction… Continue reading

Predestination: Exit Interview with Tee Morris

Download Subscribe What kind of insanity have I wrought? What does it take to do something like this? What’s next on my plate? What does Tee Morris’s pubic hair have to do with podcasting? Give it a listen and find out as Tee Morris roasts and interviews me on this… Continue reading

Predestination Wrap Party pub crawl!

Check out the details here. Come out with me and celebrate the successful completion of the Predestination podcast, and also the launch of Seth Harwood’s Jack Wakes Up! Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 27 (Finale)

Download Subscribe Here we are, everyone. The final episode. The guy that got me into this whole thing, Scott Sigler brings us the final Story So Far. Be sure to stay tuned for the end matter — there is new music and a surprise at the end! Thank you all… Continue reading