This one’s artwork heavy, so I’m putting the “get more” link right at the top so it doesn’t take over the main blog page. Click on it, check out the coolness 🙂

Lookie what I’m taking to UPS right now:

The Predestination cover art drew rave reviews when it appeared two years ago — I got more blog traffic from the artwork than I did from the audio promos. Now, at long last, thanks to your pre-orders and patience, it’s available to collect or display as your tastes dictate.

What you’re looking at on the right, here, is a composite of ten signed posters (the first ten orders that came in) with the numbering in my handwriting on the front, and the backs of the same posters which are numbered with a stamp, since, honestly, who can read my handwriting?

If you’ve been waiting to order your posters till we had them in stock, now’s the time. Click on the PayPal button at the bottom of this post, and go through the shopping cart. In a week’s time you’ll have an 18×24″ poster, suitable for framing on high-gloss, 25lb. paper with my disreputable-looking scrawl on it. Limited print run of 100–only eighty left!

Thanks to all fifteen of you who pre-ordered (particularly those who ordered two!) to put us over the top so we could cover printing costs.


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