The Abyss Stares Back

Every year, I mark the New Year Continue reading

The Era of the Jackpot

Year of the Jackpot cover

Note: This is my annual New Year’s post where I think out loud about the trendlines of history and what the future might hold. It touches on economics, geopolitics, war, and history. If these things don’t interest you, move along now before things get interesting–or, uninteresting, as the case may… Continue reading

TED of the Day: Creativity and Play

As we grow and learn about responsibility and darkness in the world, we often lose the ability to play at life, at love, and to take the kinds of risks that children take for fun every day. It’s an interesting paradox, because as our world gets freer and more prosperous,… Continue reading

TED of the day: The Story of Everything

Today, I bring you physicist Brian Cox discussing the Large Hadron Collider and what it means for our understanding of the universe. Chock full of wonder, delight, and beauty – join me in marveling at the magnificence of the universe, and the fact that we are able to understand it… Continue reading

TED of the day: Patient Capitalism

Your moment of thoughtiness for the day: Jacqueline Novogratz discusses markets and foreign aid and underclass empowerment in Africa. Worth every second. Continue reading