Sculpting God re-cast

Sculpting God was my first podcast, and it became my first short story collection (the collection contains essays and poetry, as well as the stories). Now that the podcast’s original site is long gone, I’ve archived the episodes here, for your listening pleasure. Episode list: Angels Unawares The Coffee Service… Continue reading

Slight Topic Derailment

For those of you waiting on the next Principles of Contracts or Balticon Adventure post, your patience will soon be rewarded. Things here have been hopping–between article deadlines, a couple new contracts to hash out, and having written a new book in the last three weeks, July has been completely… Continue reading

Back in the Podcasting Saddle with Guns

Those of you following the Balticon and Contracts series on the blog have probably been wondering where the hell I’ve been – and those of you following the podcasts are really wondering. Well, I’ve been writing and producing an album. Wish there was a sexier answer, but there it is.… Continue reading

BayCon! And general updates

Well, ladies and germs, I’m off to BayCon tomorrow, where I’ll be flittering hither and thither spreading my own brand of humor and amusement If any of you will be there, I’ll be having lunch in the bar area at noon on Sunday – feel free to join me. Look… Continue reading

Site Updates

I’ve updated the Media Appearances and Publications pages, for those of you who want to be current on what I’ve been up to besides my podcasts and blogging. Continue reading