Don’t worry, I’m not going to subject you to recitations of Robert Herrick’s poetry…not until I have you strapped in the comfy chair and primed with the soft cushions!

Umm…oh, excuse me, sometimes I get carried away.

The first podcast is going to be a collection of stories called Sculpting God, which is currently nearing completion on its rewrite. Deciding which should go first, that’s the fun part – rather like plotting the perfect murder. Do I hit you with something pastoral, or something horriffic, or something simply bizzarre? Do I lull you into a false sense of security or do I blast you with both barrels right out of the gate? Decisions, decisions!

The crime is in the works, though. I’m heading into the studio next week to record the first couple of stories, and then I’ll post one forty minute episode per week until the cycle is done. When it’s finished up, butchering the corpse and serving it up a’la Rocky Horror is the easy part. You see, I’ve seen the book, and I know all about Predestination