A hell of a storm hit today–almost literally out of the clear blue sky, at four PM, and it blew hard and drove horizontal rain till well near midnight. It’s that time of year when the weather joggles back and forth like a drunk trying to walk a line.

Normally in the winter, rain won’t keep us inside–it can’t, not with a high-energy dog that needs her exercise.

Today, though, it was the kind of storm you don’t go out in if you want to keep your sanity. Since it’s already a fragile commodity for me anyway, I compromised. Instead of two hours walking on the beach to wear her out, I got to wrestle with her on and off for almost three.

Yeah, it ate into work time, but it was a hell of a workout. You try getting the best of a sixty pound dog with a hundred thirty pounds of pulling power–lift that up by a rope (because she won’t let go unless I give the command) and you’ve got yourself your very own variable resistance high-cardio home gym.

So, for my four shifts, I spent one on admin, one on wearing out the pooch, then I came to the evening, which is when things got fun.

All that administrative work in the last couple weeks has cleared a hell of a backlog that needed to be dealt with sooner or later, because it was obstructing other work. Now, it’s cleared up enough that the other work can get rolling.

Like mixing the next episode of the Free Will podcast, which will drop late tomorrow night (or, tonight, I guess, since it’s already 5AM Thursday and I’m on my way to bed in a moment).

Got about 3/4 of the episode mixed, then switched over at about 1:30AM to work on Book 3. I cycled back a couple chapters, as I found a few continuity errors as a result of doing the podcast. Work was slow going, but after cutting a bunch and adding a bunch more, I wound up ahead a full chapter and up a little over a thousand words.

Tomorrow, though,s hould be another high-count day, so watch this space and see if I pull it off 🙂

Starting word count: 34,070
Ending Word count: 35,087

35,087 / 120000 words