Well, it’s official. I interviewed Cory Doctorow for a LinuxJournal earlier this week, and just got done transcribing the interview. He’s not the fastest mouth in the west, but man does he talk fast. At the end of the transcription I clocked his word-rate, subtracting out the gaps where I was asking questions and not counting his false-starts, umms, ahs, and other verbal stumbles that one doesn’t transcribe for a published interview.

The Official Cory Doctorow verbal word rate (on a day when he’s jet-lagged and taking things slow) is:


And I’ve met the guy in person when he’s at the top of his game, and I’ll bet you my left toe that he was running slow in our interview.

Hat’s off, Cory. Next target: The MicroMachine Man!

Check out Cory’s other blog, BoingBoing.

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