When the days are long, and the heat is oppressive, and the construction site next door is pouring the smelliest damn asphalt you’ve ever smelt, and you’re starting to get cramps from the stress…well, you know it’s that time of the month. The time of the month when only one thing can save you: Sardonic witicisms from your favoite LinuxJournal author.

That’s right, boys and girls and intermediates, it’s time once again for that most pleasant of games, the “Find Dan Sawyer in LinuxJournal” contest. This month it’s easy – I’m in their twice. In my first article I show you how to fake a UFO landing that’ll make you the envy of YouTube using a little bit of Voodoo — I rather like the irony of using ancient Creole magic to hoax lovers of the paranormal, myself.

After that, we go out to coffee with the Cradlepoint PHS300 just to prove that we can get broadband anywhere we damn well please.

It’s a killer issue, with some other great home-brewing articles on it, including an excellent one about MythTV. Give it a gander!