The folks at ClonePod liked Cold Duty so much that they ALSO bought it to run as a Christmas episode. You can find it by hitting this link here.

Cold Duty: Selected Readings from the Diary of a Gelusian Repairman is the tale of a stable boy who gets caught working on a steam engine, which lights off an adventure in the big city and a 100-years too early scientific and technological revolution. Steampunk memoir – and a tale very close to my heart. If you haven’t heard it yet, I hope you’ll give it a listen.


  1. I loved ‘Cold Duty’! Say, doesn’t Stephen Kilbride interview podcast authors on his Tea and Chat show? You two ought to get together for some cross promotion!

    Honestly, I’m a big fan of Tea and Chat and Clone Pod. Now I’m subscribed to Sculpting God and Antithesis 1. Thank you for the great stories!

  2. Thanks much! I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. And yeah, I’ve been talking with Stephen, and hopefully you’ll see a bit of us on each others shows soon. He did a kick-ass job with Cold Duty. Love that voice.



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