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And now, Episode 7, in which the mirrors have minds of their own, the walls have ears, Kevin has more trouble in the bathroom, and some guns are mounted on the wall. Bumper by Gail Carriger. Story So Far by Steve Riekeberg of Geek Cred.

Episode 8 coming this weekend.


  1. Hey there Dan, ,not sure if anyone else has mentioned this yet (at least I’m not seeing any posted comments). I am LOVING the story! Only one small issue with this episode. Somewhere in the bit of bathroom scene after Jeremiah has arrived (I think there was about 9.5 minutes left in the episode) there’s a brief bit of crossover dialogue where I could hear Katie’s comment about sculpting and hands over top of one of the boys’ dialogue. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d missed something so I scrolled back to listen again but that what it seemed to be.

    Otherwise I’m waiting with bated breath for the next episodes and absolutely, delightfully, fascinated by the story and can’t wait to see where it’s going.

    Have to admit though, being Canadian, I’m not sure what channel your associate intended to pitch this to, but I can’t see something -this- controversional making it to anything but the high end channels. 🙂 Though I think it would’ve made an excellent show – certainly intriguing.


  2. Hey Theresa –

    Thanks for the comment. I’m going to upload a fix for episode 7 this weekend when I upload eps 8 and 9 (and maybe 10). I’m very glad to hear you’re enjoying the story 🙂

    For Canadian TV, the production company was looking for something to run either on CBC or ITV latenight, to compete with shows like Bliss. Of course, what you’re getting here is a trifle MORE controversial (religiously, politically, sexually) than the mini-series would have been, partly because the way things are shot changes the look and feel of things, and partly because you’re getting *everything* here that was in the “padding so that we have something to cut if the episode runs long” sections.

    In the process of adapting the screenplay to the novel I wound up reorganizing a goodly amount, but very little was cut from the screenplays themselves (though, oddly, some was cut for length and pacing in places I wasn’t expecting, and almost nothing new was added, unless you count the narration in general). I know I’ve said this before, but adapting the story from screenplay to novel turned out to be an adventure all its own – and I now have a hell of a lot more respect for people who novelize movies for a living.

    Hope to hear from you again. Thanks!


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