[amazon-product align=”right” bgcolor=”#99CCCC” height=”240″ width=”120″ frameborder=”1″]189749209X[/amazon-product]It may be a minor thing in retrospect, but today it’s tickling my socks off. My first fiction print sales are now available from Amazon. The Pod Complex is an anthology of the best stories from the podosphere in genres ranging from mystery to horror with all stops in between. My own stories Cold Duty, The Man In The Rain, and Angels Unawares feature, and they’re joined by other authors like Podfather Tee Morris, Dark Overlord Scott Sigler, Dead Robot Justin Macumber, Night Terror-inducer Phil Rossi, and a host of other creative folks like Jared Axelrod, Jack Mangan, Emerian Rich, J.D. Williams, and at least four others whose stories I haven’t read yet (but, judging by the general quality of the anthology, should be page-turners).

It’s a handsome trade paperback with pretty cover-art, and will sit handsomely on your bookshelf or coffee table. Hours of entertainment – and, in my case, new and improved versions of stories you love, now available to enjoy at your own pace instead of at mine.

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  1. Congratulations Dan!
    Your first class podcasting efforts are starting to pay off.
    Great news about your print publication!
    I am truly happy for you and all the other podcasting authors. It’s a great boon for the medium.
    I wanted you to know that I am very impressed with Down From Ten. Thank you for getting those last few episodes out so close together. I know it took a tremendous effort to get them done, and the whole package was beautifully done.
    It was a very professional production on all fronts, and shows your mastery and maturity as an author and as an audiodrama podcaster.
    You are one of the best in the business, particularly with full cast audio.
    Mary Laura

    Mary Laura

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