If you’ve been following my activities around for the last several months, you’ve noticed a growing theme in my activities. Starting with my blog posts If You Build It, Will They Come? and It’s Time to Bust It Open, I’ve talked more about the intersection of business with podcasting, writing, and new media.

The response has been overwhelming. I’m now doing more interviews talking about business than I am talking about my actual work, I’m getting more private messages about this, and the blog traffic has climbed exponentially.

This is a topic that others have obviously been thinking about, so, as I said before, it’s time to bust it open. Today, the Association of New Media Artists and Producers (ANMAP) is open for business. It’s a site I’ve set up to hopefully grow into the SFWA or RWA for podcasters, video podcasters, web comic artists, and practitioners in other new media that I’m not familiar with yet.

This foundation is about you. It will rise or fall based on what happens with the community over the next year. I’d like to see it become a resource for hobbyists and pros to encourage professionalism, facilitate networking, and serve as our voice in the upcoming cultural conversations about what, exactly, our kinds of new media are in the eyes of the law. Those conversations are coming, and fast. We want to have a seat at those tables.

So, head on over, read the manifesto, check out the resources, and start talking on the forums. Everything there is up for grabs – what’s there now is what I could come up with. What you come up with as a community will be more complete. Already, the help of Allen Sale, Christiana Ellis, Joanna Penn, Rhonda Carpenter, Kitty Nic’Iaian, Justin Macumber, and Scott Roche has been indispensable in helping to figure out how to even get this started.

-Dan Sawyer


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