A new year. Time for resolutions, right?

Right. Except that a few years back I resolved to no longer make resolutions. Ironically, it’s one of the few I ever wound up keeping. Instead, I use this wonderfully arbitrary and booze-infused time of year to make plans. Because, really, is there a better time to make serious plans than when you’re halfway through a bottle of scotch?

This coming year, I’ve got a very aggressive schedule for podcasting, writing, and producing trans-media projects (and yes, I know I haven’t dropped a podcast episode in six weeks — but they are coming, and what’s coming is pretty big).

Underlying all of the goals is the word count. I’m aiming to make at least a thousand words a day for the year, for a total of 365k words for the year. Marathon pace, but everything else depends on it. To that end, I’m going to be installing word count meters and updating them daily (at least on weekdays), so that, should I fall behind, I can at least do it in public where my humility can entertain others.

And, for those that might be interested, I’ll post little tidbits that I discover along the way, and updates on what’s coming out for public consumption in the near future.

So, here’s the metrics as of this evening:

Malice Aforementioned (short)

Free Will (Antithesis, book 2)

The Auto Motive