Well, my friends, I have some news for you on Free Will. It’s not done yet, but something has happened that’s making it even better. The story scope turned out to be far larger than I had anticipated, and I’m now 20,000 words beyond my target, with a ways left to go. The story is fast, very action packed, and moving quickly. I’m now in the closing act of the book, tying up all the 14 storylines and setting up the ramp for book 3. For a visual representation, here’s what things looked like a little over a month ago:

In light of how long the story’s actually likely to run, here’s what the ACTUAL condition was a month ago:

And here’s how things are looking now, with the current anticipated length:

After having started and stopped the podcast twice, I’m now waiting until this is finished, so you won’t be subjected to any more interruptions.

More news soon!