This is the third installment in the Free Will Studio Diary. To catch up on the ongoing adventure, start here.

Day 4

Monday. Original ambition to do 25,000 words in a day thwarted by a conspiracy of other folks wanting to use the house. One fellow in particular took a bit of convincing, but thankfully managed to avoid an encounter with the police while burying the body underneath the spice garden out back. Unfortunately, presence of corpse attracted neighborhood cats for a meowing orgy, ruining the peacefulness of the aural environment–cannot help but think I’d have been better off letting the guy read his book in peace.

Fortunately, I had unexpected company today as partner opted to call in sick due to virulent allergy to bureaucracy. Seized opportunity to do massive (and massively overdue) schedule management rap session. Massive paramilitary assault on office supply store netted a lifetime supply of dry-erase markers and only one bullet wound–huzzah!

Managed to quiet down neighborhood cats by judicious application of potassium cyanide and salmon, which meant that I didn’t have to thaw any dead cow for the evening’s barbecue. Hot tubbing and astrophotography followed dinner, and then finally some peace and quiet, during which over 10k words of Free Will spewed forth into the microphone. Downside: voice out of shape, and now cannot talk. And still not done.


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