And the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, saying “It is done.”

All the original writing for Free Will is now done. I have a few days of continuity tweaking ahead of me, and then some cutting, but it really is now all over but the shouting.

New equipment for the studio arrives this week, and I’ll be resuming production on everything in two weeks after I give things a proper shakedown and take a day or two off.

What does this mean for you?

Predestination and Free Will paperbacks (and Free Will ebook) in June. New episodes of Sculpting God in June. New episodes of Free Will starting in July, and continuing through to the end of the book.

It’s been a marathon–two years of work plotting and researching, and four solid months of aggregated writing time over those two years.. Final count: 212k words. Manuscript page count: 848. (Don’t worry, that will shrink as I shake out the continuity).

Time to crack the champagne!


  1. Indeed, Also raising a glass. I really look forward to new installments, especially since I got a friend hooked on Antithesis last week and she’s now finished with all the episodes up(and all of Sculpting God, she’s working on Reprobates Hour right now).

    Paul Strealer
  2. Thanks everyone!

    And yeah, Tee, editing is already underway. There’s a few obvious spots where this mss is gonna lose weight. If I can get it down to 180k words then, considering the amount of threads and energy in this book, I’m gonna call that a solid win. If I can get it down to 160k, I’ll be quite shocked. 🙂

  3. Kilroy —

    AWP Books (a subsidiary of ArtisticWhispers Productions, which I own half of) is putting out the paperbacks. There is other stuff going on behind the scenes which may lead to an upsell-deal through one of the bigger publishing houses, and I will definitely keep you all posted on that as it unfolds 🙂

    Taylor —
    Fear not, there are still three books in the series to go!

  4. What will the distribution be? Will you only go for online retail, or will I be able to pick up a copy at Borders, my favorite bankrupt chain bookstore?

  5. yes yes three more books, but those won’t be done until the year that I should be living on the moon.

    Also been going through other podcasts novels. Just finished the solar clipper series, and I must say that I hope you don’t have that bad of an ending for Antithesis. As much as I loved DF10 that was kind of weak. I have found that SF is somewhat prone to bad ending s

    Taylor Kendall
  6. Kilroy–

    You’ll be able to order them through the B&T and Ingrams catalogs at B&N and other bookstores. Eventually (as in, beginning late this year) they’ll start showing up on shelves here and there, as we at AWP get our distribution machine working. That’s going to be a slow process, though.


  7. Taylor–

    What you consider a good ending is pretty personal–a lot of people were blown away (in a positive sense) by both DF10 and The Solar Clipper series, others were confused, upset, or irritated with one or both. Some people also loved The Usual Suspects ending, while others thought it was a cheat. Hell, some people even liked the ending of Battlestar Galactica, which I’ll never understand.

    I’m not going to reveal details about how Antithesis is going to end, other than to say I’ve already written the ending, and I personally like it–and also to say that I’ve always considered DF10 and Antithesis as written for two entirely different audiences (I’ve been really surprised at how much overlap there’s been, actually). Whether it winds up suiting your tastes, or whether you’re in another audience segment that I’m not consciously aiming for…well, I guess only time will tell. But I’m glad to have you along for the journey!


  8. Yup, it’ll definitely be at Amazon, and there will be links here. I’m also working on getting a storefront up here so I can more easily sell signed editions from here.


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