As of last night, the fact-checking of what’s currently going by the uninspired name of “The Gun Book” came to a close. We’re now on to layout and diagram phase, as it’s a graphics-rich book. Once I get a proper title for it, it’s going to be a guide to firearms for writers. A spin-off short piece on science fiction weaponry that wound up not fitting in the book will appear next weekend in the relevant markets.

But, more importantly for those who have been quietly composing your death threats:

Free Will is done. The continuity edit, all the little fixes, it’s all done. All that’s left now is the copy edit, which’ll take a few days. With any luck, we’re looking at an ebook release this weekend or early next week.

We’re also currently breaking scripts out. Expect a casting call around the same time as the ebook release!


  1. I look foreward to reading “The Gun Book”. Hopefully it has at least some impact on other authors out there.

    Also, if you’re ever looking for a good technical book on firearm design(especially the operating principles behind different mechanisms), Chinn’s ‘The Machine Gun’ is floating around in free .pdf form online various places and well worth using as a reference source. It’s five volumes each ranging from around 500 pages to 700+ pages of gory details.

    Paul Strealer

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