Today’s blog post Control Room was supposed to be a big release announcement, but I’m holding that for a few hours because I received a wonderful email from Mark Coker (CEO of Smashwords) informing me that my story Control Room is featured as a Breakout Book in the UK iBookstore today. This is my first time on the front page there, so do tell your iBookstoring friends!

Huge thanks and kudos to Apple and Smashwords for the big support boost!
Click Here for the announcement on the Smashwords blog.
Click Here to buy the story now at the iBookstore.

What is Control Room, you ask? Well, it goes something like this…

One room…
Infinite possibilities.

He sits alone, with no name. A faceless creature with a single purpose, he lives in a small room. He knows only his consoles, his buttons, his screens–the surfaces of a control room for a great machine that he calls “the universe.”

Or, if you’re not of the Apple tribe, grab it for your preferred device by looking in the column at far right.


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