Okay, ladies and germs and those who prefer neither label, I’ve got the RSS feeds working for the Uberfeed, Down From Ten, and The Antithesis Progression. Sculpting God and Reprobates are waiting on website migration (a couple months away at least, which is why I’ve included all of them in the uberfeed), and I haven’t yet figured out how to re-ping and re-authorize the feeds for the iTunes store. If any of you know how to resurrect a moribund feed in iTunes, I would be greatly appreciative of a bit of advice.

One more step on the road to being fully back on the air. Thanks everyone for your support and patience!


    1. I’m intending to get it moving long before this, but I am pretty confident that we’ll be back up and running by the beginning of June at the latest.

      Thanks for sticking with me!


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