I frequently preface and postscript posts where I talk about politics, ethics, religion, philosophy, or other touchy things with the categorical statement “I’m interested in the discussion/conversation. My opinion doesn’t matter.”

The last couple weeks have reminded me of just how odd that sounds in our current cultural context, and it occurs to me that many of you reading might find that orientation quaint, futile, or somewhat daft.

So, by way of explanation, I invite you to take a look at one of the better TED talks I’ve seen in a long time, and then continue on from there, if you dare, and put yourself through the related free course that the speaker offers to everyone. You’ll find the TED talk embedded here:

[ted id=878]

And now, if you dare, here’s the first episode in Sandel’s free Harvard course on ethics, morality, and justice. You’ll find it very accessible and rich with student interaction (just as the TED Talk was). I highly recommend it:


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