At long last, Free Will is back, and back for good.



I proudly present, Episode 1 of Free Will and Other Compulsions.

Cast this week (in order of appearance):
Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal
Kim The Comic Book Goddess as Val
Mark Smith as Nineveh Docking Control





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  1. Nope. Searching for “Sawyer Free Will” I get to The Antithesis Progression, but the most recently posted episode is Mar 15, 2013 “Feeds Back Up, Release Announcement”.

    Should I be looking elsewhere?

  2. It should be on that feed–it may not have refreshed yet for some reason. It’s also on the “Literary Abominations” uberfeed.

    If you search for “j. daniel sawyer” you should get a feed for The Antithesis Progression, one for Down From Ten, and one for Literary Abominations (and maybe a couple more, but those are the three big ones).

    If you can’t find it in those places, let me know. I may have to tussle with itunes again.


  3. Duuuude. Hearing that guitar riff in the opener sent chills up my spine. Can’t BEGIN to describe what a thrill it is to have this turn up as a regular thing again. Rock on, and keep it up!

    1. It’s up now!
      40 minute episode, curiously, requires twice the mixing time of a 20 minute episode, and in the midst of everything else going on here, I failed to budget for it. Oh well, live and learn. Hope you enjoy!


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