Free Will returns, this time, for good.

It’s been a while, but I’m not going to re-cast the previous episodes. They’re still in the feed for listening. No more delays, no more unnecessary and inconvenient service interruptions. It’s time for Episode 7 of Free Will and Other Compulsions, In which Jim meets a teacher, The Omnivore finds a puzzle, and Cassy prepares for battle.


Cast this week (in order of appearance):
Elizabeth Rossi as The Schoolteacher
Derek Moore as Jim Hartman
Philippa Ballantine as Brittany Hydra
and Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal




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  1. OMG! I am too far out of the loop these days! A whole week without me knowing this was out??? Does this mean the return to the biweekly schedule with the other podcast thrown in as well? I suppose I’d better give it a listen ASAP and find out, shouldn’t I?

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